Farabi Hospital




Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology

The hospital is now over 80 years old. Founded by the late Prof Mohammad-Gholi Shams, an iconic figure in the 1930s of Iran and the region, is the 1st chair of ophthalmology, the 1st specialized eye hospital, and the first and the most important body in ophthalmology leadership in Iran.

Farabi has gone through three generations of buildings:

1930- Farabi Eye Hospital was founded by professor Mohammad Qoli Shams who eradicated the trachoma as the major cause of blindness in the South of Iran, performed the first corneal graft operation in 1934, established the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology in 1947, and founded the first eye journal in Iran in 1968.1946- The construction of Ophthalmology Department building with the area of 13,102 m2 was started in 1942 and ended in 1945. It was officially opened in Nov. 23rd, 1946. The building had a 120-inpatient bed occupancy which later broadened to 220.1980- The building later came to be called Farabi Teaching Hospital and in 1980, all its surrounding land (with the area of 100.000 m2) was turned over to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). The new building with the area of 23000 m2 opened in several years later and added to the old buildings.

The hospital was once the nation's only ophthalmology hospital and a major ophthalmic-academic center, and is still one of the biggest and highly equipped centers for treating eye diseases in the Middle East.

It comprises several departments including:

  • Cornea, external disease and refractive surgery department
  • Retina, vitreous, ROP and oncology department
  • Strabismus and pediatric department
  • Orbit and oculoplastics department
  • Glaucoma department
  • Ocular trauma and emergency department

 Farabi has been known for being a national referral center where refractive to advanced surgical and medical service is provided by highly trained and educated clinicians.

Farabi alone has a credible role in reducing ophthalmic burden in the community. Historically, it is the destination for relatively poor and under-privileged citizens. 


Medical Wards of the Hospital


Last Update At : 28 April 2020