Sports Medicine Research Center

The Sports Medicine Research Center is the first Academic Sports Medicine Center of its kind in Iran, which commenced its activities 1998 as an office for studying and teaching issues of sports medicine under the Directorate of physical education in the university. While examining the basis of the activities relating to sports medicine in the first two years, it took measure to attract the attention and interest of stakeholders concerning the needs of the country as well as scientific centers for the field. This was done by organizing sittings and scientific conferences, publishing books, and special reports. The results of the activities of the two years were the compilation of topics heading in sports medicine for the graduate, specialist doctorate and Ph.D. which was presented to the ministry of health and medical studies. Following this in 2000, the postgraduate program on the field was approved by the special council with the decision on the other stages conditioned to the training of the manpower necessary for the establishment of the program in the university as well providing training for the acceptance of a few postgraduate batches of the field. Also in the area of promoting related research activities a suggestion was made for the establishment of a sports medicine centre in the university to which the research council of the university agreed in 2001 and issued permission for the functioning of the center for two years at last in 2002 the center was approved by the council of the Tehran University of medical sciences. In 2005, Sports Medicine Research Center was approved by the Ministry of Health and medical education At the beginning, the centre had research and studies collaborations with the office of student culture of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and its Directorate of physical education as well as the research academy of physical education of the ministry of science, research and technology and also established collaboration in the course of its activities with the Federation of Sports Medicine, and the veterans research academy of engineering and medical sciences. In addition, this center has a research collaboration with other research centers such as Blood Transfusion Research Center and with some sports federation such as Iranian Karate Federation, Iranian Wrestling Federation and Iranian Fitness and Aerobic Federation. The center, with the prediction of three research groups and 7 sub-committees has its research in related issues underway.



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Strategic Plan


The Sport Medicine Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is the first academic center in the field of sports medicine the country.

The institute abides the following principles:

  • Respecting Islamic culture, intellectuality, ethics and scientific approaches in all aspects of research and education.
  • Providing committed and expert human resources and preparing circumstances for partnership, innovation, and teamwork.
  • Emphasizing on the optimal use of public funds along with improving productivity.
  • Accessing the latest information alongside using modern technology.
  • Providing services and outcomes with the best quality and emphasizing on continuous progression and improvement.
  • Trying to expand and strengthen the links with other sports medicine centers inside and outside the country as an important factor for progression.



Overall objectives


  • Developing scientific research in different fields of sports medicine qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Performing basic and applicable research in the field of medical supervision and proper protection of sports teams.
  • Technical training of the researchers according to the latest outcomes of sports medicine studies.
  • Providing achievements in sports medicine studies in Iran and other countries.
  • Producing scientific resources for researchers in the field of sports medicine.



Dr. Ramin Kordi (Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine,Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Academic Rank: Professor





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