An Overview on Clinical Laboratories New Advances and Techniques


Dr.  Shaban Alizadeh – Ph.D ,Medical Hematology, Dean of School  of Allied Medical Sciences 

Dr. Mitra Zarebavani – Ph.D , Medical Parasitology , Head of The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Dr. Nahid Einollahi – Ph.D , Medical Biochemistry

Dr. Nasrin Dashti –– Ph.D , Medical Biochemistry

Dr. Fariba Nabatchian –– Ph.D ,Medical Biochemistry

Dr. Monireh Rahimkhani –– Ph.D ,Medical Microbiology

Dr. Mehdi Zavar – Ph.D , Medical Immunology


Courses Description:

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (also known as Medical Technology or Medical laboratory Sciences) is biology/chemistry-based  knowledge that is exciting, challenging and dynamic . Careers  related  are  in places  such as hospital labs and clinics, forensic labs, veterinary clinics, industrial research labs  etc.


Who is eligible to apply?

This course in Clinical Laboratory Technology is designed for precipitants who have already earned a degree in laboratory sciences and also laboratory staffs and graduates in Medical Laboratory Sciences , Biochemistry, Genetics , Bioscience , and all related fields.

This is a joint program of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Abadan International Campus.

All participants who are interested to increase their knowledge in Medical Laboratory Sciences


Courses Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will have knowledge in the following areas:

Participants learn and experience new advances in Clinical  Laboratory Sciences. Also they will be prepared to study Master of Medical Laboratory Sciences or any related fields.

 Furthermore, they will be able to develop scientific reasoning abilities, understanding complexity and ambiguity of clinical work and develop practical skills.


Course Information
      PROGRAM  DURATION        Three Weeks
      PROGRAM START DATE        10 th  April 2021
      PROGRAM  FINISH DATE        30 th April 2021
      METHOD OF INSTRUCTION              On line lectures
       Practical demonstrations and training  in Abadan International Campus
      APPLICATION DEADLINE         Flexible
       TUITION FEE         $300



Program Curriculum

For more information, please download the Program Curriculum of An Overview on Clinical Laboratories New Advances and Techniques  




Contact Information:

Dr. Mitra Zarebavani – Head of the Department

Phone : +982188957941

Cell phone ; +989122092680

E-mail :