A delegation of TUMS visited Some Medical Centers in the Republic of Azerbaijan

17 December 2019 | 00:00 Code : 117 News
A delegation from TUMS travelled to the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 17, 2019 to expand collaboration between TUMS and Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences.
A delegation of TUMS visited Some Medical Centers in the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Delegation consisted of  Dr. Kordi (TUMS Vice Chancellor for Global strategies and International Affairs), Dr. Rezaei, (TUMS Vice Chancellor for Medical Care Services), Dr. Effatpanah (Director of Ziaeyan Hospital), and Dr. Namazi (Head of the Desk for International Cooperation between TUMS and Russia & the Caucasus), and the visit was paid on 17-19 December 2019.

Upon the return from the trip, Dr. Kordi stated that despite the cultural affinities between Iran and Azerbaijan, scientific collaboration with this country have so far been weak, and he suggested that the main reasons for this small-scale relation are differences in the academic language and educational system. “However, in recent years, changes have been made to the Azerbaijan’s education system, and it has moved closer to common models in other countries, including Iran”, he added.

Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences is one of the oldest scientific centers in Azerbaijan with its Surgical, Internal Medicine, Blood and Oncology hospitals and a specialized psychiatric center.

During the visit to the Internal Medicine hospital in Azerbaijan, considering the need of this hospital in Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, preliminary talks were held to conduct a special course on these areas for Azerbaijani academics and physicians.

Also, the officials at the surgical hospital requested TUMS to conduct specialized training in pediatric, gynecology, urology and cardiac surgery to their resident physicians, about which preliminary agreement was reached.

The delegation also visited the psychiatric center of Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences, which is a reference center in the field of mental health in the country. Upon the visit, a group of their residents were invited to come to TUMS for taking short-term courses.

Also during this trip, the delegation visited the dental clinic of Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences, where approximately 500 Iranian students study, and Bona Dea International Hospital, which is a private hospital.

In addition, both sides reached initial agreements on the following subjects:

  • Training the professors and students of Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences in the fields of genetics, cellular and molecular biology, and nanotechnology by TUMS,

  • Establishing student exchange programs,

  • Establishing a summer school for students of Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences,

  • Holding joint scientific conferences in order to develop the interactions between the academics of both parties,

  • Establishment of a joint medical center in the Republic of Azerbaijan offering specialized medical services provided that the Azerbaijani Ministry of Health agrees to this idea.

Hoping that making such agreements will be a major step in the development of scientific cooperation between the two countries.

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