Meeting of the TUMS Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs with the Cultural Advisor of the Pakistani Embassy in Iran

25 January 2020 | 00:00 Code : 123 News
The meeting was held on Jan 25, 2020 at TUMS, and Dr. Kordi, Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Nekoofar, Director of International Relations, Dr. Memari, Director of International Affairs and Development, and Mr. Birj Lal Dossani, Cultural Advisor of the Pakistani Embassy in Iran, attended this meeting.
Meeting of the TUMS Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs with the Cultural Advisor of the Pakistani Embassy in Iran

Highlights of the meeting were enhancing communication and educational interactions between the two bodies, and discussing some of the issues related to the Pakistani students studying at TUMS.


According to Mr. Birj Lal Dossani, there is a great deal of interest in studying abroad in Pakistan, and many Pakistani parents would like their children, especially their daughters, to come and study in Iran due to religious and cultural commonalities and security in Iran.


“In recent years Turkey, Hungary, Azerbaijan and even China have been the destination of Pakistani students alongside Iran. The field of interest for Pakistani students are medical and engineering fields, and Pakistani students are mostly studying at universities such as Tehran University, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Semnan University, and Shiraz University”, he added.


Expressing a desire to enhance educational interactions with TUMS, the Pakistani side outlined the issues that Pakistani students are facing, including tuition fees and allocation of scholarships.


Dr. Kordi proposed to hold a joint meeting with the representatives of Pakistani students at TUMS (one from each program) along with the Cultural Advisor of the Embassy of Pakistan in Iran to go over the existing issues, which was welcomed by Mr. Birj Lal Dossani.


Dr. Kordi further expressed TUMS interest in expanding collaboration and cooperation with Pakistani universities. “It is possible for Pakistanis to apply for a variety of PhD programs at TUMS, and TUMS can also establish joint programs with Pakistani universities”. He suggested that representatives of Pakistani medical universities visit TUMS and observe the capacities of TUMS and also the same action by the Iranian side.


Dr. Nekoofar then emphasized that TUMS is ready to admit Pakistani students in various programs, and it is possible to arrange Skype video calls with the university officials in Pakistan and the Pakistan Ministry of Health to set up educational programs addressing their needs.


He also stated that specialty programs in cardiac, kidney and brain surgery as well as PhD programs in nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, sports medicine, nutrition and 12 dentistry-related fields are available for eligible applicants. He also emphasized on the importance of working more closely with Pakistan's universities and medical science centers.


In the end, Mr. Birj Lal Dossani agreed to assist in further linking Pakistani medical universities with TUMS.

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