Coronavirus Prevention Tips at Offices and Workplaces

11 March 2020 | 00:00 Code : 145 News
What tips should you follow in case you need to be present at your workplace? Iranian Health Education and Promotion Association shares the tips you need to follow to prevent the Coronavirus at offices and workplaces.
Coronavirus Prevention Tips at Offices and Workplaces

All staff and workers must adhere to the following instructions at the places they work:

  1. If you have fever and cough, do not go to work.

  2. Wear latex gloves at work.

  3. Never touch your face at work (especially your eyes, mouth and nose).

  4. To disinfect the workplace and objects used at work, use 70% disinfectant or alcohol and share it with your colleagues.

  5. Disinfect all contact surfaces at your workplace (such as counters, tables, desks, telephones, keyboards, tablets, door knobs, door handles, etc.) at least once a day.

  6. Keep a distance of at least two meters with others.

  7. Avoid touching common objects as much as possible.

  8. Do not use a shared phone as much as possible.

  9. Make sure your workplace is well ventilated.

  10. Do your work electronically or by telephone to avoid in-person contact as much as possible.

  11. Avoid overcrowding in your workplace.

  12. If you have sneezing and coughing symptoms, wear a mask.

  13. Frequently disinfect your work surfaces with alcohol (at least 70% alcohol) or other disinfectants.

  14. Wash your hands frequently.

  15. Avoid communal meals with others.

  16. Use your own mugs, utensils and personal items.

  17. Avoid touching the inside of the tissue where you sneeze or cough.

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