The International Festival Day 2019/ International Students’ 3-day exhibition opened in a ceremony.

27 April 2019 | 10:38 Code : 15 News
The International Festival is finally here. Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in cooperation with University of Tehran (UT) held the opening ceremony of the International Festival in April 22, 2019.

The two universities celebrate internationalization and inspiring efforts in higher education in a 3-day festival. The ceremony, which saw the presence of students with different nationalities, numerous faculty members, as well as high ranking authorities including the TUMS and UT Chancellors and Vice Chancellors, took place in the main campus of the University of Tehran.

 During the ceremony, Dr. Karimi, Chancellor of the TUMS, called both the TUMS and UT universities, pioneers in research throughout the country with a noticeable lead over their peer universities and their cooperation would be a great chance for both universities to grow in the international field and showcase their achievements and abilities. He pointed that over 900 international students from 46 countries are educating in Tehran University of Medical Sciences and it shows great development in the International field of higher education and he expressed his hope for more achievements in this field.  He also mentioned the achievements of the TUMS in the Health Tourism and International Affairs with different countries despite the constraints that Iran is dealing with. “We have to be realistic in our audit of the current situation. We won’t regret any investments in the Internationalization field” He said. He pointed that: “There’s been great efforts in attracting and educating Persian language to International students.”

As the main part of this ceremony, international students of TUMS and UT held an exhibition and each country showcases the traditions, cultures, souvenirs and basically the essence of their home country. The cooperation of the two universities was suggested by Dr. Kordi, The Vice Chancellor of International Affairs from TUMS. Dr. Kordi talked about the joint contracts and memorandums of understanding with International Scientific Centers and he hoped to see development in International Higher Education and cooperation with foreign universities.


Dr. Ghahremani, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Tehran, invite all the faculty members, professors and students to take part in this event and stated that: “There’s a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between international students and the university which will be helpful in the future interactions.”

Many countries such as Iraq, Palestine, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and etc. are present in the exhibition and welcome their visitors with a little bit of their own culture. The university authorities took time to take photos with students, faculty members, and staff and enjoyed brief talks with international students about their homeland.

The main goal of the event as stated by TUMS Chancellor is to reaffirm the commitment of the university to provide medical education to all human societies and to bring the TUMS International Family closer and stronger. Alongside with strengthening the bonds between the TUMS and UT as two universities with more than 170years common history.  

This event will continue on April 23 as an International Food Festival and the official closing ceremony will be on April 24, 2019 at the Conference Hall of the TUMS Central Administration Building from 15:00 to 17:00.

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