The Pathology Practical REVISION session,

08 June 2020 | 13:50 Code : 177 Student News
The Pathology Practical REVISION session,

The Pathology Practical REVISION session,


Dear International Students;

In referencing the previous NEWS about running the practical sessions’ condition at Feb. 2020 semester, please notice that the PATHOLOGY PRACTICAL’ content has been uploaded for both Medical and Dentistry students on NAVID system and the revision of pathology practical will be held ONLINE

on Thursday June 25, 2020,

via Virtual Learning Environment (the link will be send later)

from 15:00-16:00

Those DDS and MD students who assigned the Pathology Practical at the current semester (Feb. 2020) MUST participate in that revision lecture. Students should read the material on NAVID system and done the course works (if applicable) on their virtual system (Navid (prior of the revision session.

We wish you all have an exciting and hope that your visit will leave you with fruitful experience.


IC-TUMS Educational Office