The international student of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Kashmala Naghavi described the quality level of medical education in the TUMS positive.

27 April 2019 | 10:47 Code : 18 News
Kashmala Naghavi, The International student in the TUMS-UT International Exhibition described the quality of Medical Education in TUMS positive.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Deputy of International Affairs, she also mentioned that, to her the main reason for choosing Iran for higher education was Iran being a religious country and safety of education for girls. She stated that none of her family members do not live in Iran, but they are quite assured about her status in TUMS. She explained that: “ Before choosing TUMS, I researched about quality of education in this university and fortunately I was really pleased about it in the last seven semesters.”

Kashmala Naghavi also talked about her experience in attending International Festival for the past 2 years: “ Pakistani students showcase the country’s culture and traditions and even different common languages are spoken in Pakistan.”

This international student added that: “ The International Festival is an opportunity to communicate with other medical students, which considering being alone and far from my family, is a turning point in my education in Iran.” She also emphasized her experience in the first sports olympiad for International students and pointed that: “ Presence in this Olympiad make a way to communicate with students of different nationalities and in other majors besides Medical.”

She stated that: “ The most important obstacle is Medical Terminology in Persian language and I hope the authorities think of possible solutions to over

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