Tehran University of Medical Sciences hosts the Annual Meeting of M8 Alliance

Tehran University of Medical Sciences hosts the Annual Meeting of M8 Alliance

29 April 2019 | 13:15 Code : 21 News
In the M8 Alliance Annual Meeting, programs and panels of 2019 Kish Summit Meeting, a brief report on Berlin Meeting and Uganda’s program as the next year’s host and Italy’s programs as the 2021 host were presented.

This meeting, with the presence of the majority of members, academics and researchers, started on April 28, 2019.

First, Dr. Ali Jafarian, The International Head of World Health Summit, welcomed the attendees and introduced the application for programs’ details and then, Prof. Genten talked about the experience of traveling to Kish and working with students with hope for more future cooperations.

Dr. Amir Hossein Takiyan, the Secretary of 7th World Health Regional Summit Meeting, reported 20 months of work on this meeting at Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS).

He also pointed out: “ Having students for this event is a new idea, and we’re happy to say more than 47 active students exerted and directed this program.” He also mentioned 44 students' projects that are going to be awarded as elite projects.

He talked about the Marathon Competition in honor of Iran’s High Water crisis and Business Breakfast, as other parts of this event.

Julian Kickbusch, WHS Director of Berlin's Office, also reported the last year’s meeting and explained the changes in WHS procedures.

Uganda’s representative proposed his country’s programs to host the meeting, and the majority of members accepted Uganda's as next year’s host.

The presence of researchers in different countries to present their ideas and experiences was another topic that was discussed.

Prof. Genten called the event “open academic” that everyone can request to be a part of it. He also stated that: “ Partnership and academic cooperation is beneficial if the members and groups are chosen wisely.”

In the end, Dr. Jafarian, conclude the discussed topics and said: “In future meetings, the members of other universities and academic centers will be decided. Also, the statute of students’ meeting will be discussed.”

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