The 21st International Virtual Congress of Microbiology of Iran Will Be Held in Tehran

15 August 2020 | 00:00 Code : 212 News
The Iranian Association of Microbiology is holding the 21st International Congress of Microbiology in collaboration with TUMS under the Appraise to Raise Program on Aug 17-20, 2020.
The 21st International Virtual Congress of Microbiology of Iran Will Be Held in Tehran

The Appraise to Raise project is designed as one of the new activities of the TUMS Directorate of International Relations after the Corona epidemic, with the approach of developing virtual academic activities and gaining new experiences in the field of internationalization.


One of the upcoming events under this program is the International Virtual Congress of Microbiology of Iran which will be held virtually for the first time with the aim of transferring experiences and scientific findings between experts in the field of microbiology in Iran and abroad with their colleagues in other fields, getting to know about each other's capacities and experiences gained in the field and creating opportunities for scientific cooperation at the international level, such as implementing joint research projects and exchanging professors and students.


The 21st International Congress of Microbiology will be in the form of webinar series containing 12 panels out of which four panels will be held in August and the rest will be held from September to November 2020.


In the first panel and in the first webinar, the topic of ‘Emerging and re-Emerging Infectious Diseases’ will be discussed and ‘Infection Control’ will be the topic of the second webinar of this congress. Also in the third and fourth webinars, two topics of ‘Mycobacteria and Tuberculosis’ and ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’ will be covered.

In the webinars, about 10 international experts from universities and scientific centers in Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and France will speak at the first four panels of the congress, and more than 20 Iranian professors and experts from the Disease Control Center of the Iran Ministry of Health, TUMS’ School of Medicine and School of Nursing and Midwifery, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences’s schools and research centers, the University of Tehran’s  School of Veterinary, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Shariati Hospital, Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Pasteur Institute of Iran and Razi Research Institute will be some of the speakers.


New methods in clinical microbiology, methods of controlling and reducing antibiotic resistance, control of nosocomial infections, microbiotics, current challenges in microbial vaccines, alternative and new treatments in microbial infections, emerging and re-emerging diseases, common diseases of human and animal (challenges in vaccine production), role of laboratories of medical microbiology in natural disasters, microbial nanotechnology, probiotics and pyrobiotics, cancer and microbiology, and entrepreneurship and industry relations will be the focus of the congress. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the world, emerging or emerging diseases will be one of the constant topics of this Congress, and in the first panel, experts will give lectures and share experiences on issues related to COVID-19 management.


It is worth noting that hundreds of articles and posters have been submitted by the participants to the secretariat of the 21st Congress of Microbiology out of which the selected ones will be presented online in the form of lectures and posters, and the best articles will be awarded. Participants in the congress will also receive retraining points from the Iran Ministry of Health.


For more information, interested parties can refer to the Congress website and apply for registration through this link:

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