The 7th World Health Regional Meeting, with the presence of the Minister of Health and the Vice President, began.

04 May 2019 | 08:40 Code : 24 News
The opening ceremony of the 7th World Health Regional Meeting was held, with approaching toward Global Development and Availability of Health Services to everybody. In this ceremony more than 700 guests from 6 continents were present.

In the beginning, Dr. Abbasali Karimi, the Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, mentioned the presence of 130 guests from 43 countries around the world and evaluate Iran's hosting for this meeting a positive act despite all the restrictions.

He awhile introducing TUMS capacities, stated that: “ as the oldest university of Iran we’re proud to host the 7th World Health Regional Meeting as an academic event.”

“ with this level of cooperation between different universities, we hope to see development in international relations.” He said.

Dr. Mozaffari, The managing director of the Kish Free Trade Zone, welcomed the guests and pointed out: “ the beautiful Kish Island, is the first industrial trade zone, and the presence of the International campuses, high safety, and low crime rate, natural attractions, and more than 100 years history, make this island an exemplary tourist destination.”

He also hoped that Kish would be a beginning for the development of Health knowledge.

Then, Dr. Fernando Rogatiro, the director of 7th World Health Regional Meeting, talked about Iran as the 24th member of the meeting and this year’s event host and pointed out: “ we are going to use the experiences of specialties in the health development field and the aim of M8 is also Health development all over the world.”

He also thanked Dr. Jafarin, the International Head, and Dr. Takiyan, the director of World Health Regional Meeting, for their great efforts and precise planning of this event.

Dr. Genten, the head of the World Health Summit, described the aim of this event as “ Health and happiness for everybody”, and pointed out: “ it’s crucial to stand beside each other and enhance the global health.”

The minister of health also talked briefly and mentioned: “ health is a priority for everyone and I hope with cooperation between politic, industry, and society with health specialties, there will be a breakthrough in future.”

Also, Dr. Jahangiri, the vice president, attended this ceremony and mentioned the presence of more than 100 scientists from 50 countries around the world and described it as a sign to know health is a political issue but scientists always work by the rule of scientific collaboration and not by political restrictions.”

He pointed out: “ Peace is a major issue in Stable Development and we anticipate that international summits do not stand one-way politics of United States of America against Iran.”

He evaluates Iran's role in the regional health and mentioned: “ restrictions against Iran, will be the restriction of health development in this region.”

In the end, he thanked Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health and all the organizations and people who played a role in holding the event.

In this ceremony, a special edition of “Lancet” Journal, one of prominent journals in medical sciences, about Iran was also debuted.

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