In the National Persian Gulf day, the 7th World Health Regional Meeting came to an end.

04 May 2019 | 13:35 Code : 28 News
The 7th World Health Regional Meeting, with reading the Student Statute, describing accomplishments and awarding the elite students, came to an end.

In this ceremony, on April 10, 2019, in the Kish International Convention Center, Dr. Amir Hossein Takiyan, welcomed the guests from around the world and stated: “I am grateful to all of the speakers, guests and panel’s directors, because of holding such a great event.”

He briefly reported the 7th meeting and pointed out: “ 93 as the executive team helped in holding this event. Also in the WHS meeting, 102 speakers from different countries and 674 speakers from Iran were present. 200 student from 21 countries also attended this program.”

Then Dr. Charles Ibingra was announced as the Director of World Health Summit(WHS) in 2020, by the Secretary of WHS.

“Makerere University from Uganda is the only African member of this summit and is determined to hold this event in 2020 successfully.” Dr. Charles Ibingra said.

Dr. Takiyan called M8 Alliances a great opportunity for cooperation between different universities and specified that: “ This opportunity wouldn’t be without Prof. Genten.”

Dr. Genten, Founder and Head of the World Health Summit also said: “ This meeting was a great example of the collaboration of students in holding an important international meeting and I was so impressed by the presence and efforts of them to add a student section to this meeting.”

He also stated:“ We have to appreciate Iran presence in this meeting and I’m grateful to Dr. Karimi, Dr. Jafarian, Dr. Takiyan, and Dr. Roozrokh.”

Dr. Roozrokh, the Secretary of Students’ panel, read the Student’s Statute.

Dr. Ilona Kikbush introduced the Best Student project:“ after choosing the 6 top projects, finally, the “Best Project” goes to Helia Ashoori Zadeh, the Head of RedExir project, as the representation of a 6-member team. This project was under the supervision of UNAIDS Office and it’s about the amendment of Medical students’ behavior toward the AIDS patients.”

Dr. Jafarian, the Director of the 7th World Health Regional Meeting, thanked all the attendees and executive team at the end.



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