The First Webinar of International Alumni of TUMS

31 January 2021 | 08:49 Code : 314 Alumni News
The First Webinar of International Alumni of TUMS

We are everywhere, in Iran and abroad, in various positions and organizations. But no matter how different, we all have something in common: Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) as Alma Mater. 

Dear International Alumni of Tehran University of Medical Sciences,


In an effort to stay engaged with International Alumni of TUMS and to keep you informed on relevant University-related topics, TUMS International Alumni Office is proud to offer the First TUMS International Alumni meeting as a special webinar program to keep you all up to date on possibilities for continuing education and networking, events, university initiatives, and more.


Considering COVID-19 pandemic we also going to have limited number of lecture in this webinar who have experiences in fighting Covid-19 in their own country/region.


So, if you are volunteer, please reply to or Next, we will contact you for further information.



Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best Wishes

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