Latest update for Final Examination Timetable Feb Semester 2020-2021

16 May 2021 | 13:29 Code : 345 Student News
Latest update for Final Examination Timetable Feb Semester 2020-2021

Latest update for Final Examination Timetable
Feb Semester 2020-2021

In reference to the previous Final Examination date sheet, due to presidential election the Education office has rescheduled some of the examinations date and time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

The courses with fixed Final examination dates are;

Please download the latest exam date sheet from the below link:

Exam timetable for International Students

Additionally, in order to login to the exam portal, please follow the below steps;

Logging to the exam portal

Note1: For the courses that The Educational Affairs of ICTUMS have scheduled their examinations, students should use their Student Identification (SID) number as USERNAME and your registered PASSPORT NUMBER in the SIPAD system as the unique PASSWORD.

Exam portal detail:

Url address:

نام کاربر: (username:)*******  Student ID Number

رمز عبور: (password:) ******* you can get it from your SIPAD system


On Sunday May 23, 2021 @09:30am (Tehran local time) there will be a "Trial exam” for Feb 2021 entry students.

In case of any problem in logging into the exam portal system please contact or message the Exam office of ICTUMS WhatsApp channel via the below link;

In order to enter the online electronic exam, please consider the following points;

  • To enter the exam, please insert the address:
  • Enter your username & password
  • Click to enter the test to start it.

If there is no problem, a box will appear and you will see the following message:



  •  Test: _____
  • Your exam will be held on ________ at ________.
  • Server time: _____________.
  • Close the window then at the definite time re-enter.
  • Confirm


Note2: By logging into the exam portal, the system automatically will inform you of the recent upcoming exam!

Note3: You should check your access a DAY before the exam date and in case of any problem in logging to the exam portal system, please contact us at working day/hours via or

Note4: The exam will start sharp at the mentioned date and time, and students can only join the exam within the first 5 minutes when the exam starts. After that period of time, the exam portal system will NOT let you participate in the examination and your status will be absent in the exam (score=Zero).

Note5: To keep the safety of the examination to a good standard and exclude any possible cheating during the ONLINE examination, each question will be shown on one page (stem of the questions and options). The total time of the exam will be calculated by multiplying the number of questions by 60 seconds (Consequently; 60 seconds per each question).

Note6: Additionally, you CAN return to the previous question at any steps for ONLY 10% of the total number of questions and should submit your answer within the mentioned time. Students themselves should manage their total timing and answer each question within the standard time.

Note7: After making sure about your answer, you MUST select the option by check mark the circle next to it. DO NOT highlight the option you choose!!

Note8: As there is only one question will be shown on each page, for seeing and answering the next question, you SHOULD click on next question button.

Note9: After making sure that the test is complete, click on the END OF THE EXAM button. It should be noted that when you click on the END OF THE EXAM, you will be out of the test and you will not be able to return.

Note10: On the exam’s page, you can see the exam countdown (timer) and by reaching the end, the portal system will automatically, log you out and you will not be able to return.

Note11: Regarding the practical examinations, all practical courses' exams will be heled online like the theory courses UN LESS the departments required for an on campus Examiantion. In this case, the CR of the class should circulate the news and the Edu office will inform the NEWS.

Note12: Those students who wish to take the examination at their home (home country, personal residence, TUMS dormitory, etc..) and are not present at TUMS verified examination centers, basically, accept the whole consequence and responsibility of possible problems such as; Internet problems and out of access to the test server, etc. The Educational Affairs of IC-TUMS, does not have any responsibility to provide and guarantee internet access at any other palaces EXCEPT TUMS verified examination centers.