erasmus+ international mobility credit 2019-2020

15 June 2019 | 10:52 Code : 36 News
Erasmus+ offers opportunities for students to study in higher education institutes (HEIs) outside the EU. It also makes available the same opportunities for students from countries beyond Europe to come and enter European universities. This flow of students is known as International Credit Mobility (ICM), an activity under Key Action 1 (KA107).

Within the framework of this Mobility, second year or above Ph.D. students at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) are able to study at University of Coimbra (UC) for 2 months, for which a number of credits will be obtained. After the mobility phase, students return to their home institute to complete their studies and get recognition for their obtained credits. In this mobility program, one TUMS academic staff member for teaching is also able to spend 8 days at UC.

All Ph.D. students at TUMS School of Medicine are welcome to apply at:

For more information, please refer to KA107 Project Webpage.

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