Interview with the First Syrian Alumni in Physiotherapy (PhD)

31 July 2021 | 11:25 Code : 393 Alumni News
Interview with the First Syrian Alumni in Physiotherapy (PhD)

1- Please introduce yourself with your major and level of studies here at TUMS?

I am Salah Ghazi from Syria, I was a Ph.D. student in physiotherapy -School of Rehabilitation-TUMS.

2- What made you come to Iran in order to continue your career? And how was TUMS on your first impression? How is TUMS in reality now?

I came here to obtain a Ph.D. degree based on a proposal from my university, as a result of the war in my country and the closure of universities in European countries in front of the Syrians after I obtained a scholarship in more than one French university.

3- Apart from your studies, tell us about your experience in using university facilities like the laboratory and library. What other facilities were you waiting for during your studies?

All laboratories have been good and I am satisfied with it. All the professors had a high standard of morals

4- Do you have any plan(s) to pursue your education in Iran? Why? Why not?

In fact, after I got my PhD, I am looking to get higher grades, but not in Iran

  5- What is your current position in your country?

My current position is a faculty member in the College of Health Sciences - Al-Baath University – Syria. I am the first person in Syria to have a PhD in physiotherapy because this specialty is relatively new in my country and we lack an educational staff and holders of postgraduate degrees to teach this specialty.

6- Do you have any message for TUMS family (authorities, professors, staff, and students) before leaving the country?

My message to the staff is to change their classy attitude to most students Offer better comprehensive scholarships opportunities for international students

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