1st Semester Academic year 2021/2022 Course Registration (second chance)

22 September 2021 | 14:07 Code : 414 Student News
1st Semester Academic year 2021/2022 Course Registration (second chance)

1st Semester Academic year 2021/2022 Course Registration (second chance)

Dear all International undergraduate students who entered at TUIMS

The second chance for course registration is from Tuesday September 28, 2021 until Wednesday September 29, 2021. It will be done by the educational office. Please check that your SIPAD get opened before that time in order to assign the listed courses.

Note1: This Period does not extend!

Note2: As the Add and Drop time via SIPAD system is also available from Saturday September 25, 2021 until Monday September 27, 2021, each student MUST add two courses from the available course list (check your term course list) and mention the rest on the application form.

Note3: Assigning the courses for the students will subject to the seat availability of that course. By now, there is no seat for Islamic Revolution and Divine texts subjects.

To facilitate this process, you can download the course registration form and attached it to our application email at icedu@tums.ac.ir it at the time we mentioned. Obviously, each student has the responsibility to check the availability of selected subjects regarding the time and permission to select the desired courses.

The Students MUST write down the reason for not assigning the course on time, the statement their commitment to not apply late for course registration in coming semester in their email body. (not in the form!) Otherwise their application will be rejected automatically.

Please be aware of Educational regulation related to course registration:  The students who enrolled in TUMS-IC in each term have to obtain their respective credits from educational departments. If the student does not enroll himself/herself in one term without the approval of the educational office or without appropriate reason, he/she would be expelled from their respective program.

E-mails received until the end of the 29th of September 2021 will be only processed by the Educational Office.


Course Registration Form Session Sept.2021 session

It is the student’s responsibility to track his/her own academic standing and financial issues. The students are reminded that university regulations state that fees are payable on demand, and they should therefore settle any outstanding balance on their account immediately. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to pay the account on time.

For any enquiry regards to the Financial issue please contact the respected dept. via:

Email: fin-office@tums.ac.ir

Tel.: (+98 21) 8893 3847 (Direct Line) – (+98 21) 8891 2091, Ext.: 104 or 107

Fax: (+98 21) 8892 5072