Condition of Basic Medical Sciences September 2019 2nd Announcement

21 July 2019 | 11:07 Code : 46 Student News
Students (MD, DDS) who are eligible for Basic Medical Sciences (comprehensive) Examination should be prepare for the exam which is on Thursday 5th September, 2019. NOTE: Pre online registration will be held from 27 July till 01 August 2019.
Condition of Basic Medical Sciences September 2019 2nd Announcement

Eligible Students are those who passed successfully all Basic Sciences subjects (one general Subject can be kept for after the exam) and gained cGPA above 12. (chapter two, article 11.)

If scores obtained in some courses passed by the student are not announced by the time of formal examination, the student will participate in the examination under conditions. If the student fails in that course after the announcement of formal examination’s score or passes the course but the average does not reach 12, the result of formal examination will be considered null and voidThe students with that condition should submit the commitment letter before the examination to the edu. office.

The participated exam will not be considered as one of the allowed times in which a student can take the formal examination but the student will not be allowed to participate in the next formal examination even under conditions unless s/he passes the failed course and obtain the necessary average score.

Participation in the formal examination of basic sciences is allowed up to three times. If the student does not obtain passing score in this examination s/he will be excluded from continuing the MD/DDS program.


All International students who are eligible to participate in the exam required to submit (copy of passport +a photo) to the exam Office and get the Examination Entry Card before exam date. (information will be announced later)

Registration Form in Basic Science Exam (September,2019)