TUMS Gynecologists at Shariati Hospital, Flagship of Embryo Laser Therapy

21 October 2019 | 00:00 Code : 74 News
Dr. Vajieh Marsousi and the Women's Surgical Team at Shariati Hospital have saved several fetuses from death by laser treatments.
TUMS Gynecologists at Shariati Hospital, Flagship of Embryo Laser Therapy

Dr. Vajieh Marsousi, from Obstetrics Department of Shariati Hospital at TUMS, saved the life of a twin fetus in a 23-week pregnant woman by laser. The surgery was performed with the help of a laser and a fetoscope in the operating room of Shariati Hospital.


The recent surgery was a case of Twin Transfusion syndrome (TTS) in a twin pregnancy. Twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a rare and serious condition that can happen in pregnancies when identical twins share a placenta. In this case, abnormal blood vessel connections in the placenta result in uneven blood flow in the fetuses. One twin called the donor becomes dehydrated, and the other called the recipient raises blood pressure and produces too much urine causing the amniotic sac to be overfilled. 


In this operation, the surgeon finds the anastomosis using a fetoscope, cuts the artery by a laser and extracts the amniotic fluid.


Dr. Marsousi and her surgical team have started these type of surgeries at Shariati Hospital since last October, and the recent operation was the 22nd case. Presently, the survival rate for single fetuses is 80% and for twins 50%.


“This type of treatment is used in 18 to 28 weeks of gestation to prevents from fetal blood loss and fetal death in cases where the arteries of the two fetuses are interconnected and clamped together and do not respond to treatments such as amino-reductase,” says Dr. Marsousi, who is one of the very first pioneer surgeons in Iran to perform Embryo Laser Therapy.


This operation, which uses laser, has no known side effects on the mother; however, since part of the placenta is removed, the fetuses have to be monitored during pregnancy. Also, these fetuses may be born with low birth weight.


It is worth mentioning that currently, this procedure is done only at Shariati Hospital of TUMS; however, two other hospitals in Iran are being equipped with the necessary tools, and will start performing this surgery soon.


We wish Dr. Marsousi and her surgical team all the very best in their professional services.

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