The TUMS School of Dentistry, the Most Prestigious and Highest Ranking School of Dentistry in Iran

22 October 2019 | 00:00 Code : 84 News
The TUMS School of Dentistry was ranked first in Iran, and 151-200 in the world by the Shanghai Ranking System (2019). This school stands out as one of the premier academic centers in the field of dentistry in the region, and offers a variety of programs in different levels.
The TUMS School of Dentistry, the Most Prestigious and Highest Ranking School of Dentistry in Iran

“TUMS, in its latest report on the Shanghai Subjective Rating System (2019), was ranked first in the field of dentistry (dentistry and oral sciences) in the country and ranked 151-200 among the world's universities”, stated Dr. Rokn, Dean of TUMS School of Dentistry, at the Board of Directors’ meeting on Oct 22, 2019.


The faculty member of TUMS School of Dentistry provided some interesting facts about the history, achievements and current capacities of the school. Here are 12 facts about this highly- prestigious school:


  1. The TUMS School of Dentistry is the oldest, largest and also first rank dental school in Iran.

  2. The school was initially founded in 1930 as a denture technical school and continued in 1956 as an independent dental school.

  3. The school is operating in three campuses including Dental Research Institute, Amirabad Campus and International Campus.

  4. In addition to its three campuses, the School of Dentistry has several educational departments in four hospitals/institutes: Shariati Hospital, Sina Hospital, Cancer Institute, and Pediatric Medical Center.

  5. The school comprises 12 public and specialized training departments, and also a new group of dental implants is under construction.

  6. Another feature of the school is having three active fellowships in various disciplines in the fields of restorative and aesthetic, oncology, trauma, pediatric craniofacial, pain, oral biology, dental implants, ortho-surgery, hospital dentistry and maxillofacial prostheses.

  7. The school is the first and the only school in Iran with pediatric outpatient operation room, advanced cranial and maxillofacial surgery center, digital intra-extraoral dentistry training center, and PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication Systems).

  8. Established in 1966, Oromaxillary Pathologic Lesion Archive is the largest and the oldest archive holding more than 13000 samples. It is also offers advanced endodontic treatments using microscope.

  9. In collaboration with the schools of Medicine and Rehabilitation, the School of Dentistry has a cleft lip and palate clinic that treats patients with clefts (from neonate to adult).

  10. School of Dentistry is equipped with CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) which uses the most modern sterilization equipment.

  11. The School of Dentistry has the largest Research Institute and Reference Laboratory Center of Materials. This Research institute is comprised of Dental Research Center, Dental Implant Research Center, Tooth Decay Prevention Research Center and Laser in Dentistry Research Center. 

  12. In addition, Cranial and Maxillofacial Research Center at Shariati hospital and Dentistry and Biomaterials Development Center are home to 10 knowledge-based companies.


The European Association for Dental Education (ADEE) evaluated the school this year, and confirmed that our school complies with the standards of most European dental schools.


Of course, these facts describe only a fraction of the school's capabilities, and with the existing potentials, the TUMS School of Dentistry has a lot more to say!

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