Financial Aid


At TUMS, the main purpose is to help students acquire their desired level and quality of education. One of the ways that the university tries to help students in this regard is by providing them with financial aid in order to give hard-working students the opportunity to pursue their studies with minimal financial concern.



We understand that your choice of funding/scholarship program is very important to you. There might be funding/scholarship opportunities announced for international students who are interested in pursuing their studies at TUMS. Students who are interested in such announced opportunities are encouraged to include their request and the reason why they should be awarded a scholarship in their letter of motivation. TUMS may allocate its students following  scholarship:


Tuition Fee Scholarship:

If you apply for TUMS scholarships and you are considered as one of the qualified applicants, you might be accepted for  scholarship;

TUMS provides all students with computer labs, library, and Wi-Fi Internet access at the dormitories, as well as a partial lunch plan. If you apply and are accepted for a TUMS  scholarship, along with the above-mentioned facilities, you will be awarded a tuition-waiver scholarship up to 70 percent discounts on your first-year education fee based on the scores obtained in your previous degrees.

In this case, you should pay the rest of the remaining education fee based on your accepted program. Based on this scholarship, the awarded amount of your first-year education fee will be paid by TUMS.

These scholarships (any kind of Type B scholarship) is for your first academic year ONLY and can be extended by TUMS Scholarship Committee on a yearly basis depending on your academic performance at TUMS.


The extension of the awarded scholarships follows a yearly basis.

To apply for  Scholarship, please provide us an official Request Letter and send it to us along with your other required documents through the Online Application Form.


Travel tickets will not be covered by this scholarship. Students are responsible for this expense.

Visit the following pages if you require more information about the costs and how to apply to TUMS.




There is NO APPLICATION FEE at TUMS. Filling Online Application Form is free of charge and active all year round but it is highly recommended to apply for TUMS 6 months prior to your intended academic session.

Last Update At : 12 October 2020