Visa Affairs


During your stay in Iran as a TUMS International Student, you may want to plan trips for which you will need different types of visas. Below, you can find detailed instruction on how to acquire the type of visa suitable for your particular situation.



When living and studying outside your home country, one of the most important issues to observe is the matter of your residency permit, which includes entry visas, re-entry permits, exit permits, etc. It is of the utmost important that you carefully read the regulations in place regarding these matters and make sure there are no ambiguities.


Carefully following the relevant guidelines and observing the rules regarding timings, prices, document submissions, etc. will help you have a smooth and pleasant stay in Iran and avoid any visa-related complications.


The Office of Visa and Consular Affairs at Tehran University of Medical Sciences strives to assist all students regarding visa-related administrative affairs to facilitate your Residency and mobility. Please kindly refer to the pages below regarding guidelines on any needs and/or requests considering visa permits:


1. Guideline on Acquiring a One-Year Residency Permit for TUMS Students
2. Guideline on Extending a One-Year Residency Permit for TUMS Students
3. Guideline on Acquiring Exit and Re-Entry Permission
4.    Guideline on Acquiring Permanent Exit Permission
5. Guideline on Acquiring Visa for a Student’s Spouse or Children

To process your visa-related needs and requests, you will need one or more of the following forms, readily available for your convenience:

1. TUMS Application Form for Residency-First Time and Residency Transferring
2. TUMS Application Form for Residency Extension
3. TUMS Application Form for Exit and Re-Entry Permit

4. TUMS Application Form for Permanent Exit


Please bear in mind that TUMS Visa and Consular Affairs Office is open for document submission from Saturdays to Wednesdays, 10:00 to 13:00.



Dear TUMS International Student,

To those who are about to leave TUMS and consequently, Iran because of graduation, withdrawal, expelling …

From now on, the process of finalizing the Clearance Form and receiving Permanent Exit can be done in 90 days. Therefore, those students who need to complete this process of clearance:  

  • Can have a Residency Permit extension from 1 to 90 days based on the decision of TUMS Office of Education, Finance and Visa Affairs.
  • Can stay at TUMS dormitory without paying any extra fees for 2 weeks ONLY. To stay at TUMS dormitory for more than 2 weeks, the fee will be calculated based on the new prices of the dormitory.



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