Three-month Educational Course on Regional Anesthesia


Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at Rasoul Akram Medical Center offers one fellowship position for a three-month course in regional anesthesia. Fellows will receive certificates after completion.



  • three months

Start time:

  • the beginning of each season

Number of fellows in each season:  1

  • Director: Farnad Imani, MD FIPP


  • Saeid-reza Entezary, MD
  • Poupak Rahimzadeh, MD FIPP
  • Mahmoud-reza Alebouyeh, MD
  • Hamid-reza Faiz, MD


  • This three-month educational course offers neuraxial block, and ultrasound and stimulation guided peripheral nerve blocks using both single injection and continuous catheter technique. Our fellows will benefit from teachings of experts in practice of regional anesthesia and peripheral nerve block and will have the opportunity to develop comprehensive knowledge in this field.
  • The regional anesthesia section at Rasoul Akram Medical Center performs more than 2,500 procedures annually, covering the entire spectrum of basic, intermediate, and advanced regional blocks for intra-operative anesthetic management and post-operative pain control. In addition to observing a wide variety of regional anesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks, each fellow will gain experience in the pre- and post-procedural management of patients who are candidates for these techniques, both in the surgical anesthesia area and in the post-operative pain relief.


Clinical Benefits

  • Achieving knowledge and observing the performance of regional anesthetic techniques for the management of the patient undergoing several types of surgical procedures including orthopedic, general surgery, gynecology, and urology is the cornerstone of this fellowship. Performing over 2,500 regional anesthetic procedures annually at regional anesthesia section, Rasoul Akram Medical Center provides the advantage of learning state-of-the-science techniques from attending staff who are all expert in this field.


Regional Anesthesia fellows will observe the management of physicians who are expert in:

  • Upper limb:  interscalene, supraclavicular, infraclavicular, axillary brachial plexus
  • Lower limb:  lumbar plexus, femoral, gluteal sciatic, popliteal sciatic
  • Truncal:  paravertebral, transversus abdominis plane   
  • Central neuraxial blocks: Epidural, spinal, combined spinal epidural (CSE)
  • Catheter insertion for continuous blockade
  • Nerve stimulator techniques
  • Ultrasound guided techniques
  • Intraoperative management of regional anesthesia
  • Acute pain procedures


  • Our main area of research interest is the role of ultrasound in nerve localization for surgical anesthesia and post-operative pain control and fellows will have the opportunity to participate in various ongoing clinical projects.


Application requirements

  • Applicants must have satisfactorily completed an accredited anesthesiology residency.
  • Personal interview is required unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Selected candidates will be invited to Tehran to be interviewed by the Department Director, the Medical Director of Education and the Director of Training Programs. Candidates are also given the opportunity to meet current fellows to discuss issues and ask questions.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two years experience in regional anesthesia, or certification of ISRAPM Regional Anesthesia Workshops
  • Two recommendation letters
  • 3000 $ payment


  • The language of instruction for this course can be either English or Persian.
  • TUMS international students will be given the opportunity to use our international dormitories located close to campus in Tehran.
  • The applicants are requested to submit TUMS online application form to apply for this position.
  • For more information please read TUMS admission criteria and guidelines.
Last Update At : 11 June 2019