Alumni Benefits


There are a number of benefits and services associated with being a TUMS alumna/us. TUMS international office considers as alumni all professionals who have finished a programme given by the TUMS.


Life Long Learning

  • Online Seminars

  • Video conferences

  • Refresher Courses

  • Workshops

  • Library - Access to Master theses and PhD dissertations  


  • Website

  • Emails announcements

  • Social media

  • Alumni Information before departure


  • Membership of Alumni associations

  • Support to create new TUMS alumni groups

  • Alumni events participation gatherings, courses, seminars, booth etc.


  • Transcript Request

In case you need a transcript of your Degree / Diploma, obtained at TUMS, please request this to us. Please note that request for transcripts can only be submitted by the person to whom the original document was issued.


Career Support for Graduates

As a graduate from TUMS you can access a whole host of resources to help you realise your ambitions, including careers advice, career mentoring and graduate-level job opportunities.  In this regards, please update your profile and contact information.

Contact us

Please do get in touch to discuss how the career can help you,


Last Update At : 06 July 2019