Sports Facilities

No university student life is complete without a proper amount of sports activities, competitions, and memories! Thus, at TUMS, you will have ample opportunities to indulge in any of your favorite sports.

Due to the medical essence of the university, TUMS pays remarkable attention to physical and mental health of its students, which could be achieved easily through routine exercise and playing sports.

In order to implement a proper environment and advanced equipment, TUMS provides its students with a handful of convenient sports facilities.


Chamran Sports Complex is a facility center which serves a broad range of athletic purposes. Located on the easy-to-access Chamran Expressway, this complex affords a tennis court, a swimming pool, a futsal field, a gymnasium, wrestling rings, table football, darts, and a multi-purpose sports hall.

In addition to this complex, the School of Nursing and Midwifery is equipped with a swimming pool as well.

Our residence halls and dormitories also offer gym and table tennis (ping-pong) equipment.

Last Update At : 05 October 2019