International Corona Fighters





Abubakar Aminu, Nigeria.

To save lives of the people.



Muhammad jameel, Pakistan.

now I am in iran and here we have many cases till now , in this environment and this situation I am fighting with this disease and also helping people to avoid thing which cause this disease....





Iqrar Ahmed, Pakistan.

Should educate the people's about and fight against it.





Mahdieh-Sadat Moosavi, Iran.

Im just join to the crona fighters in the dentistry school!




Alfadhl Abbas, Iraq.

I'm committed in the procedures to protect my self from  the virus and give advises to my  friends to protect  themselves from its.





Abdulrahman Ibrahim Tahir, Nigeria.

I'm voluntary creating awareness about the COVID-19    through social media platforms.




Arash Mehrzadi, Iran.

I’m bachelor student of software engineering and I can  implement deep neural  networks  (RNN,CNN,...) for  discover new inhibitors for coronavirus main protease.




Aram Kamali, Iraq.

When I graduated from TUMS/ SPH, I decided to do  what  i can for human and  my country as well. I think it’s  my responsibility to fight Coronavirus.




Zoya Ali khan, Pakistan.

I m helping uneducated pilgrims at pak-iran border to  spread awareness about  symtoms of corona virus, and  when to tell your doctor, you are not feeling well.


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Last Update At : 05 May 2020