Dentistry Winter School

Program Description

The course includes various theoretical and practical programs of the school of Dentistry as following:

Department of Community Oral Health: Geriatric, Risk Assessment, Evidence Based Dentistry

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Wisdom Teeth Surgery, Surgery of Minor Intra Oral Lesions

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Reactive and Neoplastic Oral Lesions

Department of Restorative Dentistry

Department of Orthodontics: Treatment of Skeletal Disorders

Department of Pediatric Dentistry: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Pediatric Dentistry

Department of Periodontics: Crown Lengthening, Implant

Department of Prosthodontics: Post and Core,  implant , Digital Dentistry


Who is eligible to apply?

Dental Students from 5th and 6th year of education

Courses Objectives:

This course is suitable for clinicians who are interested in practical dentistry. The program aims to promote practical and academic skills of students. In addition, it will prepare an opportunity to improve their skills in following:

  • How to take a complete history before the surgery,
  • How to manage preparation patient’s stress,
  • How to make appropriate flaps for impacted wisdom teeth surgery,
  • How to manage different types of wisdom teeth impaction,
  • How to manage the complications before, during and after the surgery,
  • How to suture the operation site to reduce postoperative periodontal problems,
  • Communication and dental examination skills regarding the elderly,
  • Describing various types of bleaching treatment planning,
  • Describing various types of bleaching materials and methods,
  • Management of tooth hypersensivity during or after tooth bleaching,
  • How to manage CL and preparation for restorative treatment.


Course Information


      Dr. Seyyed Amir Hossein Mirhashemi

      Dr. Sahar Orangi


      10 students


      21 days


      15 January 2022


       2 February 2022




      School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

                                            PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR(S)

Dr. Alahyar Gerami

Dr. Nazanin Mahdavi

Dr. Sepideh Arab

Dr. Goodarzi

Dr. Simin Zahra Mohebbi

Dr. Hoorieh Bashizadeh

Dr. Hossein Hesari

Dr. Bayat

Dr. Hamid Jalali

Dr. Padeganeh

Dr. Mohammadreza Khami

Dr. Razmi

Dr.Tabassom Hooshmand

Dr. Afshin Khorsand

Dr. Ladan Ranjbar Omrani

Dr. Mojgan Paknezhad

Dr. Fariba Motevasselian

How to apply

Applicants are requested to submit their application via the TUMS online application system.



Contact Information:

Dr. Sahar Orangi

Phone : +982142794266

E-mail :