Healthcare Services Management


Program Objectives:

  • Developing health economics knowledge.
  • Educating professionals & researchers in health. economics to design sustainable approaches in health system. 

Method of Instruction:

  • 2 years including core & special theoretical courses (28 credits) + thesis (4 credits).
  • Each credit consists of 17 hours for theoretical lessons or 34 hours for practical lessons.
  • Participants will be provided with taught courses during their study, leading to their thesis, which takes 2-3 years.

Program Location: 

Department of Health Management & Economics


Program Duration: 

2-3 years


Who can Attend?

Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in medical sciences, health sciences, economics, management, or accounting or an M.P.H. degree can apply for this program.


Contact Person:

Sara Emamgholipour


Tel.: (+9821) 4293 3240

Fax: (+9821) 4293 3240

Last Update At : 25 May 2019