M.Sc. in Psychiatric Nursing



This program trains skilled and professional psychiatric nurses capable of combining knowledge of nursing with other healthcare disciplines and improve nursing theories using problem solving and evidence-based decision making skills in order to improve the quality of society’s health and achieve their goals. This program was revised in 2001 by Universities of Shiraz and Mashhad and in 2011-2012 was approved nationally by relevant ministries.



Psychiatric nursing is a branch of nursing that provides services at different preventive levels to individuals who often have psychiatric disorders and learning disabilities, using latest scientific evidence and research findings, principles of communication and psychiatric nursing theories. 


The Aim of the Course:

Values and Beliefs

  • Human as God’s representative on earth has dignity, value, high position and right to promote health.
  • It is essential to preserve social justice and indiscriminating values in the provision of health care to psychiatric patients.
  • Patients and their families have the right to take part in decision making process.
  • This program trains individuals to improve their innovative capability, competency, self-belief, self-efficiency, and knowledge capacity.
  • The graduated of this program will use their potential capabilities in professional judgment, development, and ethics, and will be responsible and effective professionals.



In 10 years’ time, this program will help Iran to be among the top regional countries in terms of national and regional standards, mental health indexes at individual, family and society levels, and education and research indexes.



The mission of this program is to train committed and skilled nurses who care for psychiatric patients and improve health of families and society by using appropriate knowledge and skill.



School : School of Nursing and Midwifery
Department : Psychiatric Nursing
Major : Psychiatric Nursing
Level : M.Sc.
Course Description : Students who complete the requirements of this program successfully will be given an MSc in Psychiatric Nursing.
Course Duration : 4 semesters
Last Update At : 26 May 2019