Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus


The Department of Ophthalmology at Tehran University of Medical Science offers a 12-month Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship.

The Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship provides a broad clinical and research experience in all areas of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, amblyopia, and adult strabismus.

Strabismus Clinic of Farabi Eye Hospital is one of the largest referral centers in Iran. 


During the 12-month period, the student will be in the clinic three days a week, visiting new cases and follow-up patients, as well as teaching diagnostic strabismus tests, amblyopia treatment, horizontal and vertical deviation measurement, and diagnosis.


The fellow will be in the operating room two days a week, observing or taking part in strabismic procedures including horizontal and vertical muscle recession and resection, muscle transposition, orbital wall periosteal fixation of muscle, and oblique muscle surgery.



  • The candidate is required to have completed a residency training in ophthalmology and be recommended by ICO authorities. The candidate should be fluent in English or Persian.


Faculty Members

  • Alireza K. Jafari, M.D.
  • Ahmad Ameri, M.D. 
  • Mohammad Reza Akbari, M.D.
  • Masoud Aghsaei Fard, M.D.
  • Arash MirmohammadSadegi, M.D.

Resources and Responsibilities

  • The fellow is expected to attend the clinic and participate in the weekly strabismus lectures, weekly journal clubs, and other educational activities of the department.  He or she is expected to take an active role in these educational activities.
Last Update At : 28 May 2019