Research Center for Caries Prevention

Brief Overview
Research Center for Caries Prevention, in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, aiming to improve oral health and quality of life of population was stablished on July, 9, 2013, according to authorization certificate issued by Excellency Minister of Health Medical Education.



Message from Dean
Despite all improvements in controlling dental caries in recent years, the disease is still the most prevalent infectious disease worldwide. The disease is of mullti-factorial and behavioral nature; thus, high quality researches on various aspects of it are required to find new ways to control the disease at both individual and community levels. Research Center for Caries Prevention (RCCP) tries to focus on such studies. The research grants, as well as study opportunity available in the center provides a platform for both research and study in the field of dental caries, and at a borderer aspect, oral health promotion. We welcome all researchers from all over the world, who have some ideas to work on!


To develop the science and produce scientific evidence in the field of oral health promotion and preventive and community dentistry focusing on population-based researches. The research center also endeavors to enable young researchers, utilizing the most competent group of specialists and researchers in the field of oral health promotion, to respond oral health needs of Iranian population as well as world through evidence-based approach.



The research center is decisive through developing the culture of research and performing population-based studies and providing evidence-based preventive strategies in line with maintaining and promoting oral health.



Research Fields and Interests
• Non-communicable diseases
Strategies and interventions for prevention and control of dental caries
Clinical and in-vitro studies on prevention of dental caries
Evaluation of burden of oral diseases and their risk factors according to common risk factor approach
• Health system
Evaluation of strategies for integration of oral heath to public health system
Evaluation and monitoring preventive and curative services to control dental caries
Designing monitoring and surveillance systems for prevention and control of dental caries
• Health sciences and social determinants of health
Evaluation of the roles of social determinants of oral health in Iran
Feasibility assessment and implementation of interventions for promotion of social determinants of oral health
• Dentistry
Epidemiologic surveys of systemic diseases related to dental caries
Evaluation of strategies for improvement of dental curriculum with a preventive approach



International Collaborations
RCCP has published joint publications, and is continuing to collaborate with the following universities:
1.    University of Helsinki, Finland
2.    Indiana University, US
3.    University of Oslo, Norway
4.    Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria



Degree and Non-Degree programs
Degree    programs:    PhD    (new    route)    [link    to    corresponded    page:]
Non-degree programs: Short-term courses on Evidence-based Dentistry, Research Methodology, Scientific Writing (planned and announced yearly)


Faculty members
  1. Dr. Mohammad Reza Khami    Head of Center
  2. Dr. Hossein Hessari    Vice-Dean for Research Affairs    h-hessañ
  3. Dr.Reza Yazdani    Member of Research Council    ryazdani
  4. Dr.Ahmad Reza Shamshiri    Member of Research Council    ar
  5. Dr.Ahmad Jafari Ghavamabad    Member of Research Council
  6. Dr.Shervan Shoaee    Member of Research Council    shewanoo
  7. Dr.Simin Zahra Mohebbi    Member of Research Council
  8. Dr.Afsaneh Pakdaman    Member of Research Council    pakdaman
  9. Dr. Katayoun Sargeran    Member of Research Council    k-sargeran
  10. Dr.Samaneh Razeghi    Member of Research Council    s-razeghi
  11. Dr.Mahdia Gholami    Member of Research Council    m_gholami
  12. Dr. Masoomeh Hasani Tabatabaei    Member of Research Council


Selected Publications
1.    Evaluation of an educational intervention in oral health for primary care physicians: a cluster randomized controlled study
2.    Knowledge and attitude of health-network physicians toward pediatric oral health in Tehran in 2016
3.    Relationship of Oral Health Literacy with Dental Caries and Oral Health Behavior of Children and Their Parents.
4.    Qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators of dental service utilization of pregnant women: A triangulation approach.
5.    Comparison of Two Educational Methods to Improve Emergency Management Among Dentists
6.    Effectiveness of two interactive educational methods to teach tobacco cessation counseling for senior dental students


The research center is located in Dentistry Research Institute, Qods street, Tehran, Iran, with email address:

Last Update At : 03 August 2019