Shafik Dharamsi




My work is inspired by the words of the late Oscar Handlin: "a troubled universe can no longer afford the luxury of pursuits confined to an ivory tower … scholarship has to prove its worth not on its own terms, but by service to the nation and the world." The question of how to better prepare the next generation of researchers, educators, and health and human service professionals to be responsive to the wide-ranging inequities in society, and to take an equally broad and multi-dimensional approach to addressing these inequities is one of the most pressing and challenging issues facing higher education today. I have observed that the traditional structure of university departments and colleges is not conducive to high impact, problem oriented, and transformative work.

I have dedicated my career to the development of an ethically and civically inspired higher education agenda that fosters interdisciplinarity, community engagement, applied and translational research, transformative approaches to teaching and learning, and an inclusive and pluralistic environment. (CV)


Lecture Title: Educating Health Professionals, Transformative Learning, and Health Inequities

Keywords: Social Accountability, Health Professions Education, Health Inequities, Teaching/Learning Environments, Evidence-based Education





Fisrt Discussion Panel


Second Discussion Panel


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