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Consultant Engineer, from the University of Information technology and Communications (UOITC), College of Bio Medical Informatics in Baghdad. A long Journey with e-learning which starts from 1987. The Coordinater of the  e-learning Adoption Ministerial Team in  Iraq, and the pearson in the charge of the the Iraqi government program of e-learning in Iraqi Universities. He obtained his PhD degree in Internet Portals and specialized in e-learning portals from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia, and introduced the ELAMEER-IDRUS Orbital IT e-learning framework as a major outcome from his postgraduate research; the framework now has taken the shape of an e-education and MOOCs framework for Iraqi education and higher education. Also he is the designer of the Numerical Iraqi Social Safety network (ISSN). The founder of the first Iraqi MOOC website (MOOC-IIPS) in 2017 and the designer of the first Iraqi e-learning framework for the Blended learning(BL) and lifelong learning platform for the Ministry of higher education (MOOCRDD).

The designer and the programmer of the first Iraqi complete learning management system with educational resources (OERRD). He is also a member in the Supreme Council of e-learning in Iraq since 2015, and has more than 27 years of public service in Iraqi Higher Education institutions and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Iraq. Previously, responsible and Executive director for many ICT projects and a professional programmer in Database and CAI programs with more than 200 software's in the field of e-learning. He was a Keynote speaker in many ICT conferences in Iraq, India, Thailand, and Italy and published more than 75 published work locally and internationally in UK, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, and KSA. He was nominated for three UNESCO awards in the field of ICT in Education in 2015 and 2017. The last project completed was the design and execute the first complete learning platform in Iraq, and it was a forward step towards the electronic Universities in Iraq, and it contains the both e-learning and e-management in e-education complete adoption. (CV)


Lecture Title: Iraqi e-learning Adoption Success Trial by Numbers and Facts During COVID-19 Crisis




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