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Alison is the Associate Head of the MPT Program at UBC who has been recognized for her teaching contributions and received the Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Education (2014) and Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) Award for Excellence in Education (2012).

Alison has major teaching and course coordination roles in the following Master of Physical Therapy courses:

  • PHTH 514 – Clinical Practice I: This combined lecture and lab course provides the introduction to foundational physical therapy procedures and techniques and enables students to apply knowledge and skills through the use of selected case examples. Students are also introduced to basic surface anatomy and sports physical therapy in a sports physical therapy module and a surface anatomy module.
  • PHTH 546 – Clinical Decision-Making III: This course explores the role of physical therapists as educator with clients, colleagues, and other health professionals is explored and examined with consideration to theories of learning related to adults and children.



Lecture Title: COVID-19: Implications for Curriculum Delivery in a Canadian Physical Therapy Program

Keywords: Curriculum, Online Teaching, Synchronous, Asynchronous



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