Meri Koivusalo




MD, PhD, MSc

Professor, Global Health and Development

Meri is expertised in global and transnational health and social policy, trade and global governance for health. She is "globally" interested in global health issues, but she has a particular interest in the relationship between economic globalization, trade and health, health systems and politics and practice of global health policy-making. Meri has a background in public health medicine with a PhD in environmental health and MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

She has co-authored and edited academic and textbooks in the area of global health as well as worked with Finnish government, European Commission, WHO-Geneva, UNRISD and a number of international nongovernmental organizations.

Meri is currently member of the WHO expert panel on science and technology. (CV)



Lecture Title: Does Coronavirus Pandemic Bring Global Health Home?

Keywords: Health Systems, Decolonizing Global Health, Active Public Health and Contact Tracing




Fisrt Discussion Panel

Second Discussion Panel


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