Azim Mirzazadeh


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Dr Azim Mirzazadeh is the associate professor of Department of Medicine and Department of Medical Education (as a second affiliation) in the School of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He received his Diploma in Health Professions Education from University of Dundee in 2016. 
He is actively involved in different aspects of medical education including a major revision of Undergraduate medical program in TUMS in the last 15 years. He is also conducted several research and developmental projects at both university and national levels which led to publications in international and local journals. 

He was the chair of TUMS department of medical education (from 2013 to 2018) which is responsible for training of PhD and MSc students, the Director of TUMS Education Development Center (from 2012 to 2017) and the Director of Education Development Center of the Ministry of Health & Medical Education (from 2017 to February 2020) which is responsible for promoting the development of medical education at the ministry and university level in Iran.

He conducted hundreds of workshops in different fields of medical education (including curriculum development, program evaluation, communication skills and clinical education) for faculty members and students.
He has deep involvement in several accreditation systems for undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Education in the country including the establishment of accreditation system for Postgraduate Medical Education in late 1990s and revising the 2nd version of standards for Undergraduate Medical Education in recent years.(CV)


Lecture Title: Educational Management and Leadership During COVID-19




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