Heikki Murtomaa




Dr. Murtomaa is Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Public Health, University of Helsinki, Finland. He has served in different academic positions and has worked as a WHO consultant on several occasions. Dr. Murtomaa served as Professor in Oral Public Health in 1986 - 2014 and worked as Dean of the Institute of Dentistry in 1993 – 1998. Dr. Murtomaa has presented in several continuing education and postgraduate courses and lectured on various dental and public health related subjects, both nationally and internationally.

He is the Past President of the Association for Dental Education in Europe and a Board Member of International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations. (CV)



Lecture Title: Dental Education after Corona Pandemia: Challenges and Opportunities

Keywords: Corona, Dental Education, Future




Discussion Panel



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