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Karen, BSc (PT), MSc, is Associate Head Clinical Education at Department of Physical Therapy,

Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. Karen’s teaching is focused on the pediatric content throughout the MPT Program; specifically, pediatric neurology, pathology and participation and the normal development lab (PHTH 544, PHTH 531, PHTH 564, PHTH 517).  She is the pediatric stream coordinator for the MPT Program. Within her role as Associate Head, Clinical Education, Karen also teaches pre- and post-placement sessions for the MPT Students within PHTH 534, 554, 574 and the Clinical Educator Workshops to help support Clinical Educators.

The majority of Karen’s time is dedicated to facilitating the Clinical Education component of the MPT Program and teaching within the Program. Karen has worked as a Research Assistant and Treating and Assessing Physical Therapist on several Clinical Research Studies related to children with Cerebral Palsy.  Her MSc work examined identifying factors associated with the development of motor acquisition in young children with Cerebral Palsy. (CV)


Lecture Title: COVID-19: Implications for Clinical Education in a Canadian Physical Therapy Program

Keywords: Physical Therapy, Clinical Education, Students, Clinical Educators



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