Maria Susy Rogers


(Discussion Panel Member)


Dr Rogers is an international Education Researcher and Innovator in several fields of Expertise, in Science, Technology, Humanities and The Arts... Her experience extends from Education Practice in Institutes for Higher Education, Further Education, and Primary/Secondary Schools.

In her early career, as a qualified teacher of Mathematics and Science, before marriage, Dr Rogers recognised the importance of continuing professional development, as paramount after a very successful period as a Director of her two pre-school playgroups, employing and training staff also with a minibus service, while her young family were growing up.

Introducing the first micro-computer in a Secondary School in South Wales promoting “Computers Across The Curriculum” (1976), Dr Rogers, pioneered her innovatively designed Interactive- Video, Courseware “Learning to Learn” through a collaborative Industrial/College Further Education Project (1980s). Dr Rogers became an e-moderator (2001), gaining her doctorate for “Online Pedagogy: The Pedagogical Variation Model for Learning and Teaching in Asynchronous Networks”

Thereafter, Dr Rogers achieved her fifth Masters’ (Art Practice for Health and Wellbeing), exhibiting her artwork within Clinical Hospital settings as Resident Artist.

Her multifaceted awareness of the Coronavirus Pandemic from both Professional and Student Perspectives regarding Internationalization of Higher Education (IHE) provides thought-provoking insights to the current challenges. (CV)



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