May 18, Internationalization of Higher Education Policy Shift During/ After Coronavirus Crisis



Welcome Speech



Ramin Kordi's Welcome Message


Maria Susy Rogers's Introduction


Philip G. Altbach's Lecture



Amirhossein Takian's Lecture



Ka Ho Mok's Lecture


Ren Yi's Lecture


First Discussion Panel



Minke Tang's Lecture



James Otieno Jowi's Lecture

  Enrique López veloso's Lecture   Second Discussion Panel

May 19, e-Learning during Coronavirus Crisis



Welcome Note



Victoria Daskalou's Lecture


Hasnain Zafar Baloch's Lecture


Amer Saleem Elameer's Lecture



Question & Answer



Amir Hooman Kazemi Motlagh's Lecture


Rita Mojtahedzadeh's Lecture


Discusson Panel

May 20, Post-quarantine Challenges in Medical Sciences Education



Amir Ali Sohrabpour's Lecture



Javad Alaghband Rad's Lecture


May 20, Sub-panel I: Educational Challenges in Medicine and Physical Therapy



Welcome and Introduction



Alireza Shamshirsaz's Lecture


Azim Mirzazadeh's Lecture


Ales Bourek's Lecture



Shafik Dharamsi's Lecture



Fisrt Discussion Panel


Susan Murphy's Lecture


Alison Greig's Lecture



Karen Sauve's Lecture



Second Discussion Panel


May 20, Sub-panel II: Educational Challenges in Dentistry



Prathip Phantumvanit's Lecture



Michael Josef Kowolik's Lecture


Heikki Murtomaa's Lecture


Li Tiejun's Lecture



Pouyan Aminishakib's Lecture



Irina Dragan's Lecture


Ajay Telang's Lecture


Discussion Panel

May 20, Sub-panel III: Educational Challenges in Public Health and Medical Sciences



Welcome Speech



Detlev Ganten's Lecture


Hélène Girouard's Lecture


Anja Krumeich's Lecture



Luciano Saso's Lecture



Fisrt Discussion Panel


Meri Koivusalo's Lecture


Albrecht Jahn's Lecture



Remco van de Pas's Lecture



Axel Hoffmann's Lecture


Second Discussion Panel



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