The Meditec Lab of Excellence Was Inaugurated on September 17th Aiming at Improving the Practical and Soft Skills for Students in Medical Education

The MediTec Lab of Excellence (simulation center) was inaugurated on September 17th by Dr. Kordi (TUMS Vice-chancellor for Global strategies and international Affairs), some academics and staff from the office of International Relations, Clinical Skills Center, and School of Medicine aiming at improving the practical and soft skills for students in medical education.

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erasmus+ international mobility credit 2019-2020

Erasmus+ offers opportunities for students to study in higher education institutes (HEIs) outside the EU. It also makes available the same opportunities for students from countries beyond Europe to come and enter European universities. This flow of students is known as International Credit Mobility (ICM), an activity under Key Action 1 (KA107).

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University of Zurich Calls for Summer Schools and Joint Seminars

The University of Zurich (UZH) offers opportunities to hold summer schools and joint seminars with Iran universities of medical sciences, according to international common goals, in order to use the experience and knowledge of Iranian and Swiss parties to expand international affairs.

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