Training programs

Various training programs are offered by TUMS schools. The duration of these programs differs from less than a week up to twelve months. Students can choose specific courses from the programs offered. Other training programs can and may be reviewed and arranged as per the request of applicants.
Interested professors and faculty members who would like to propose a training course to be held at TUMS please contact us.


For a list of available courses please see below:

School of RehabilitationAdvanced hearing assessmentDepartment of Audiology
School of RehabilitationBasic Hearing AssessmentDepartment of Audiology
School of MedicineBreast Cancer SurgeryDepartment of Breast Cancer Surgery
School of PharmacyPharmaceutical SciencesDepartment of All Pharmacy Department
School of MedicineShort Term in Uropathology (Genitourinary Pathology)Short Term in Uropathology (Genitourinary Pathology)
School of MedicineSkull Base SurgeryDepartment of Neurosurgery  
School of DentistrySoft Tissue Management Around Tooth and ImplantDepartment of Soft Tissue Management Around Tooth and Implant 
School of MedicineSpine surgeryDepartment of Neurosurgery  
School of RehabilitationStrabismus- A Diagnostic EvaluationDepartment of Optometry
School of DentistryTechniques of Guided Bone RegenerationDepartment of Techniques of Guided Bone Regeneration